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A Terrible Place


I had to go to a terrible place this morning. That really awful place. No, not the dentist. The other one. Yes, the MVA.

I still call it the DMV. Does that date me? My oldest daughter told me that writing about CDs last week dated me, but I told her that she being in her mid-thirties was what really dated me. So, I'm sticking with CDs and the DMV. Besides, Google Map knows exactly what I mean when I say it and that girl in there is really smart.

I arrived around nine A.M. The number on my little piece of paper was G13. I was thinking that I had a really good solid number. Thirteen only has twelve numbers ahead of it, right? I waited in line twenty minutes to get that little piece of paper with G13 printed on it. Then I sat down on an uncomfortable chair and waited some more.

An hour later there had not been a single number called by the computerized lady that began with a 'G'. Not a single one. I wondered if maybe they were not using the letter 'G' at all today and maybe the printing of a 'G' number on my little piece of paper was a complete fluke. But then that weird computer lady called it.


Okay, there are 'G' numbers today. And I am only four numbers away. Since it had taken an hour to get to G9 from presumingly G8-before-I-got-there, and it was now almost ten-thirty, I figured I would be good to go at two-thirty. I wished I were getting paid by the hour. I wished I were getting paid at all. I wished I had brought something to eat. I smelled corn chips.

A relatively young gentleman turned to me and told me all of his troubles. Happens to me all the time. He began with his displeasure with the DMV and ended with the trouble he had just had at his apartment rental office. The only reason his talking (it was not a conversation, because I really didn't get to talk) ended at all is that a DMV employee came and got him. Personally. Off they walked together. I think he was in trouble. I didn't get to mention the Lord or give him a tract or wish him well. Poof, he was gone. Perhaps I should make some noise instead of being nice to strangers and perhaps they would come get me.

I walked around for a while. G10. I was standing in the back, watching people. Pam's favorite pastime. I wished she were here instead of me. Knock yourself out, little girl. There is plenty to watch. For some reason, people become very annoyed when at the DMV. Perhaps that's why there is a stern looking state trooper standing guard behind me. G11. I was just about to go over and ask him how often someone goes postal on him when someone else came and whisked him away. I saw a man hold a little piece of paper with G22 printed on it. I wondered if they were going to let him spend the night so that he wouldn't lose his place, because he surely wasn't getting that number called until tomorrow.

I sat back down in another area. I found a front row seat. I really needed to go to the bathroom, but was afraid that G12 would come and go quickly and I'd miss my number. Someone needs to remind me not to drink so much coffee before I come next time.

I am now sitting next to a nicely dressed young man and his three-year-old Elsa the ballerina, complete with tutu. I know that the real Elsa was not a ballerina, but this one was. She was adorable and very well behaved, so at least I had something to smile about. G12. Phew. Glad I'm not in the bathroom. Little Elsa moved her chair to a better location. Dad made her move it back. She was sad. I told him I liked it better where she put it. Everyone laughed and little Elsa was very happy.

Large man behind me said (loudly) that it's just like a woman to have to change everything around. Everyone laughed again. I told large man behind me that he was not part of the front row conversation and that he needed to pipe down back there. More laughter from more people. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. (Psalm 17:22) One of my favorites. I need medicine today. And then it happened!


I softly 'hoorayed' and raised my fist in triumph. My new friends all looked happy for me. I went to confessional booth number twenty-four as instructed by the weird computer voice lady and took care of business. And then I was done. I was free! It was only a little after noon. Way earlier that I expected.

I had more business to take care of in the afternoon. Much more difficult than that morning stuff. Business that made me wish I were back at the DMV. Two strangers met me there and were so very helpful that I wondered if they were angels that God had sent to help me. I know that in the Bible angels only appeared as men when seen on earth. But I know God and how He takes care of me, and I know He can do anything He wants. Angels that appear as girls would not be a big deal for Him if He decided that's what I needed. I was home by three-thirty and got to spend a few hours working in my very neglected garden.

Therapy. :)


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