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Oh, The Whining and Crying!

We've had a busy month at our house. Lots of traveling and appointments and leaving the country and other such things. :) At one point there was going to be no one home for a couple of nights. That meant that the dogs needed a sitter. Let me tell you first that I have these two adorable grandpuppies, Ricky and Lucy. They are Maltese, and are as cute as buttons. They couldn't be more sweet and loving. Ricky weighs nine pounds and Lucy weighs five. They really belong to Sarah and Brian, otherwise known as the Princess and the Lieutenant. Yes, that is Sarah from Sarah's Story fame. Soon after they got married, Brian got orders to California. They have been living there for almost a year and a half. When it came time for them to move, a huge truck came to their house and several big, strong men came in and packed up their stuff over the course of several days. Now, there are rules to such things in the military. You are not supposed to pack anything yourself. If you already have it packed, they will unwrap it, inventory it, and repack it their way. If you want to pack something yourself, you have to take it with you in your own vehicle. Brian found the whole process annoying. Having moved several times on my own, I thought it was a dream come true! I was wondering if there was a recruitment center where women my age could sign up. I don't think they want me. Maybe they would change their mind when they saw my muscles. If blogging were more visual, I'd flex my incredible right arm bicep for you. You would be amazed and impressed! :) Okay, back to the dogs. Sarah and Brian were only taking his truck to California. They left Sarah's Jeep here. The truck was filled up with the things that they didn't trust the movers with. There was no room for the dogs. And besides, they were going to take their time driving across the country. They were to spend at least three nights on the road. It was not a good time to take the puppies. (They are not really puppies. They are more than full-grown, but they are just so tiny and playful.) They would take them with them on the next trip, when they would be flying and the move would be easier for the dogs. Several times during that first year that almost happened. One time Ricky and Lucy were medicated and caged and on their way out the door headed to the airport. But it just never happened. They were too sad and scared. They are happy here and we love them. And so it was decided that the dogs would just stay here until Sarah and Brian move back east. Everyone is good with that, especially Ricky and Lucy. But no one was going to be home for a couple of nights a few weeks ago and Ricky and Lucy needed to go to the sitter. Brian has a wonderful old friend who lives about an hour away who agreed to keep the dogs for a few days. Abe has had them overnight on other occasions, and he loves them. They love Abe, too. And so it was decided that I would pack the dogs up in my car, cage and all, and take them to Abe's house. I would time it so that Jim would meet me there after work and get the dogs and everything that goes with them safely into Abe's house. From there we would just head to church for mid-week service. I managed to get everything loaded into the car, and then put Ricky and Lucy into the cage and close it up. They would have preferred my lap, but I was alone and a little nervous about them moving around in the car without someone else to look out for them. And so, off we go. We weren't off of my street when the whining and crying began. Both of them. So I started talking. "It's okay, puppies. We are just going to Abe's house. Not to the vet. Not to the groomer. Not to the other side of the country. Just to Abe's house." More whining and crying. Pitiful. "Lucy and Ricky-- listen to me! You are not going to get a shot or have your temperature taken. You are not going to be washed or shaved or trimmed. You are not going to have your teeth brushed or your nails clipped. You are not going to have to endure the putting on of ribbons into your hair or have bow ties put around your neck. You are going to Abe's house. Remember? He loves you and you have fun there!" But nothing changed. Just constant whining and crying. I turned the music from my CD up. I think that made it worse. I turned it down and reasoned with them some more. I pleaded for them to take a nap, and I promised that they would wake up in a happy place. No. It's not gonna happen. Just whining and crying for the whole hour. Rip my heart out, why don't ya, dogs? Poor puppies. They were scared. And nothing I was saying was getting through to them. They couldn't understand. They feared the unknown. They just couldn't trust me that this was going to be alright. And then it hit me. I am that exact same way with God!!! God takes me out of my comfort zone. Things feel out of control and I get scared out of my mind. But things are not out of control. They are just out of MY control. God is in control, no matter how it feels to me. No matter if I can or will hear His reassuring words or not. He's got this! I will arrive safely at my destination whether I kick and scream and cry the whole way, or I lay down and trust in Him. Isaiah 26:3 - "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." I wonder if the kicking and screaming and whining and crying that I do rips His heart out? Oh my! I must try to do better!

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