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Thirty-One Reasons

I am asked the same questions over and over again these days. Private messages through the 'Contacts' page of my website. Or PMs through Facebook. Where am I? Where did I go? Am I okay? Why am I not blogging? I don't have time to write. I don't even have time to answer these questions. I teach sixth grade. Nuff said. I began mid-year, adding to my challenges. My days are incredibly full. But I tell my kids the reason why. I tell them that they have disrupted my life. That there aren't enough hours in the day to do the things that are needful. That I have had to prioritize. And that I chose them. My thirty-one reasons for not blogging. Thirty-one incredible reasons. Maybe someday I'll have time to tell you just how incredible. And how it is that I have fallen in love. Thirty-one more times. About the twelve-year-old boy who trusted Jesus on just our third day together. About how he will be special to me forever. About that first creative writing paper that I had the kids write during our first week together. About how many lives were changed as a result of that paper. About how God speaks to me. About the story behind the phrase, "What are those?". About trust freely given, and yet easily lost. About unconditional love, and trust earned back again. About God being in the midst of every single thing. Every single subject. Every word spoken. About entering into His presence in prayer. About standing before the Lord boldly because we're covered with the Blood of Jesus. About the hand motion that indicates that, and about a holy Father who sees us as sinless through that amazing covering. About taking the kids with me as we stand before the Father, and about teaching them to go boldly before Him on their own. About how we are joint heirs with Jesus, and that God sees us in the same way that He sees His Son, because of Him. About how we can call Him Daddy. About how the Bible is not a subject that is taught for a few minutes after pledges. That the Bible is the pure and perfect inspired Word of God and that it is ingrained in and a part of everything we say or think or do. About how important it is to hide it in our heart so that it's possible not to sin against Him. Big doings going on in Mrs. Olszewski's sixth grade class. It takes my all in all. Sometimes I can barely breathe. I cannot blog. But all is well. I am rich and happy and blessed beyond all measure. Thank you for asking. :)

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