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New Plans

I had plans for today. It wasn't so much what I wanted to do. Plans for stuff that I felt I had to do. Plans that included working hard and being outside in the freezing cold. Lots of lifting and carrying heavy stuff. Things that I didn't necessarily want to do, but as a responsible adult felt I had to do. Obligations.

But God had other plans. Let me first tell you that I love the early mornings. Really early mornings, lol. It's a little embarrassing to say how early some days. This morning started as one of those days. I had prayers to pray and stuff to write and thoughts to think. I had been at it for several hours when I noticed that it had lightened up a bit outside. The sun had arrived. Kinda.

A brightness caught my eye through the blinds. A white brightness. So I raised the blinds and got real happy. Dancing and shouting happy. SNOW!

They were calling for a dusting of snow overnight. Maybe an inch or two at the most. Nothing, really. And they lie all the time. You really can't count on a thing they say. So I didn't pay them any mind.

Anyway, that's not what we got. Or should I say, not what we are getting. We have eight inches of light, fluffy, beautiful snow out there and it's still coming down. And now they are saying, "Sophisticated weather models missed the actual track of the storm. Some areas will now get twelve inches of snow.' Woohoo! I am in that area! There is not much that makes me happier than watching lots of fresh snow fall. Happy me!

Jeremiah 29:11 tells me, "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." God thinks about me. He knows my name. He loves me!

So God had other plans for me. God knows what's best for me. Always. He reminded me of that today. Not just for today, but for always. He wants me to be happy. He is so good to me. Have I mentioned that lately?

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