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Saturday Again

Yesterday seemed like Saturday to me. I'm not sure why. But this morning I woke up thinking for an instant that it was Sunday. I love Sunday! Then, in that split second when that morning awareness thing happens I realize- no, it's only Saturday. Bummer! I got up and made my coffee. Saturday. Work day. I'm gonna get more done today than I did yesterday. Yesterday I just wasn't feelin' it. So, I emptied my ribbon closet and organized the ribbon. Yes, I have a ribbon closet. That's because there is not enough room in the wrapping paper section of the room downstairs for the ribbon. Ha! I scraped something gross from the corner of my kitchen floor. I sorted a basket of memories. I removed the window molding in my son's old bedroom and scrubbed the carpet. Again. And then I took a break. The news was on the television. It is often playing in the background when something is happening that I am following. Today is the South Carolina primary. I am following. :) But what I found playing out live was the funeral of Justice Scalia. He died suddenly a week ago. I found his death sad for several reasons. He was the leading conservative voice on the high court. We need him there. But now he's gone. This is not a good time to lose him. Then I quickly thought how silly I am. God took him. It was completely in His hands. He knows best. His ways are past finding out. (Romans 11:33) Antonin Scalia was a good man. He shared so many of my values. Biblical values. From what I've learned of him, he was a man of great integrity. He was intelligent and insightful. He was a thinker. He loved to laugh and have fun. He strove to do right. He loved deeply, had a loving family, and was a good friend. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called him her best buddy. They were polar opposites in ideology, and she is a girl. A very old and very smart girl, lol. That told me so much about him on a personal level. I think I would have liked him a great deal if I'd had the opportunity to know him. I've heard him described many times as a man of great faith. But now, his funeral. His very religious funeral. His son, a priest, delivered the eulogy. And I hear them pray for him. Praying for the forgiveness of his sin. Asking God to let him in to heaven. And I cry. I cry because I know that if Justice Scalia trusted in his religion, no prayer of the living will save him now. Religion cannot get us to heaven. I hope and pray that his great faith was based on his trust in the Lord Jesus Himself and in His finished work on the cross, believing with his whole heart that He was the only source of forgiveness and redemption. I pray that he was saved by the Blood of the Lamb. I just retweeted what Franklin Graham posted on Twitter during the funeral. "Being a Christian has nothing to do with being a Presbyterian or a Baptist or a Catholic—religion can't save you." And that is the truth! Break is over. Time to go pull up the baseboards in the bathroom. It's still Saturday.

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