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Opening Day

I'm writing as I sit on a plane cruising thirty-five hundred feet above the earth. I'm traveling back and forth...and back. Three flights within forty-eight hours. This part of the trip takes me home. Just writing the word causes me to tear up. Home! I'll blame the tears on jet lag if someone asks. Even though I'm just now on the first leg of my journey. Even though I'm not changing time zones. Even though I'm not even tired. Okay, it's not jet lag. Good thing no one will ask. It's not a full flight, and I have the whole row to myself.

I was through security in three minutes flat. I had been awarded the coveted pre-check clearance status. Whoop whoop! The Lord sure looks out for me. It's the little things. It's like that heart or short love note that I'd sometimes put on my child's paper napkin in their bagged lunch, quickly scribbled with a crayon or lipstick or whatever I could find at that moment. That pre-check on my boarding pass is just like that. I am reminded of how much I am loved.

The security guy asked if he could scan my carry-on bag again. Sure, help yourself. As it went through the machine for the second time, I try to recall what is in my little luggage with wheels that would cause this poor man to have such a confused look on his face. Then, I remember. "Oh,'s just my Keurig!" Yes, an entire full size twelve cup capacity Keurig coffee machine. I see the understanding come over his face. "Oh, yeah", the nice man responds with a big smile. " I knew I recognized that shape. I just couldn't place it. I got one of those for my wife for Christmas." He doesn't even look inside. I guess you can't mistake a full size Keurig for a bomb once you know.

And so, here I sit up high in the sky. I have a very important date tomorrow. My son is taking me to the opening day of spring training. My beloved Orioles take on the Braves. Stinkin' Braves! I am excited beyond words. And after the game we are meeting friends at one of my favorite restaurants. All-you-can-eat snow crab legs and clams, dipped in drawn butter. Oh, and other stuff that other people eat. They can't help it. They don't know any better.

So I'm flying home for my date with my boy. And then I must leave. Away on a jet plane again. Some might wonder at the frivolousness of such a thing. I am thrifty to a fault. Just ask me about the grilled cheese that I made myself for lunch. No, perhaps you shouldn't ask. :) But I've lived enough of life to know when something is more important to me than all of the tea in China. And for this adventure, I'd move heaven and earth. Tomorrow is already precious to me. Just try to keep me away.

I'm almost there. I'm flying over the coast, and I see the ocean meeting the sand. I can almost make out the surf. Tears again. Happy tears. I've been thinking about that pre-check status. I'm thinking that there must not be many terrorists posing as middle-aged teary-eyed women with full-size Keurigs in their carry-on bags. I hope I haven't given them any ideas.

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