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Some Thoughts Between Ds


There are some things in life you just know. Undisputable facts. The sun on a July day in Florida is hot. God is good and the devil is mean. That ball is gonna hit me in the head if I'm playing right field every time. And when you do something big for God, Satan will attack you with your very words.

I mentioned that I spoke at a ladies conference a week ago. I spoke about storms. The storms of life. The ladies in that auditorium were so attentive and the spirit was so sweet. God gave me complete liberty. But I had a timeframe in which to speak, and I knew that was important. I even took a stopwatch (okay, it was my phone) so I wouldn't mess it up.

I got to the place where I may or may not include Sarah's story. An absolute miracle in the midst of a horrific storm. God said, "Go!". So I did. But the telling of Sarah's story probably took up close to fifteen minutes, and I left half of it out.

The three Ds that I'm in the midst of writing about were number four out of my five points. I came to them with just seconds left in my speaking time allowance. I determined that I would just fill in the blanks and go to point five. I even said it aloud. That was my intention. Once I got to number five, I could be finished quickly. Point five was too personal to stay on very long anyway. I'd skim over the three Ds, hit number five quickly, pray and be done. And I'd finish in the good graces of the powers that be.

But as I filled in the blanks with those D words: disappointment, discouragement, and depression, God made me press on. He made me share with those ladies what I am sharing now in written word. And He knows what He is doing. So I shared what I've learned of these words that affect us all. And that probably added another fifteen minutes to my message.

As I stepped down from that platform, the first thought in my head, while I was still on the steps, was that the devil is sure gonna be after me now. It was one of those things you just know. An undisputable fact. Satan doesn't like you messing with certain things. And one of those things is depression.

And so, this week I have had so many disappointments. Failures and hurts too many to number. I must have cried a thousand tears. Satan is relentless and has no mercy. And I angered him. And I knew it.

I have to tell you, I struggle just like you. Just because I have the tools doesn't mean I don't fail in using them. And I went into discouragement quickly, just as promised. That slippery slope. And just like you, I face that final D. A place where God will have to get me through before He will give me the liberty to write it out for you. Please pray for me.

I may never be invited to speak there again because I ran my time over so badly, but during the next break I had ladies lined up waiting to whisper to me their struggles with depression and asking for my prayer as they now wanted to try to deal with it God's way. My heart was broken for them. And I do pray for them, as well as for myself. Life is hard, but God is so sweet. We will speak of depression soon.


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