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Easter in My Classroom


The week before Easter was always one of my favorite times to be teaching small children in a traditional classroom. Bible time was always the same each year. I'd spend the week teaching about Passover. I believe that it's one of the most amazing stories in the Bible and I love teaching it.

We'd begin by being reminded of the promise God made to Abraham. About how it was wrong for him to not wait for God. About how he pretended like he was helping God but he was just doing things his way. About how sometimes we just want our own way, too. We learned about how Abraham's way caused him lots of trouble. About how God kept His promise and sent Abraham the son he had promised when He was ready anyway. About how Abraham learned his lesson and trusted God better after that. About how he was willing to kill Isaac if God wanted, because he loved Him so much. About how the Bible calls Abraham God's friend. And about how we all should want to be God's friend.

And that all of that was about Easter. About God's plan.

Then we'd learn about Abraham's great, great, great, (with more greats) grandchildren. How God gave him a bazillion of them, just like He promised. About how they were disobedient, just like us. About how God knew we would be like that right from the beginning---way back with Adam and Eve. About how He taught that they had to sacrifice a lamb to cover their sins for a little while. About how hard it would be to kill that sweet lamb. We learned a lot about lambs.

And that all of that was about Easter. About God's amazing plan.

We learned about how after a while Abraham's children had become slaves because God needed to teach them something important. About how God disciplines us because He loves us and wants to teach us something important, too. God and parents love us and work hard to teach us to do right. About how sometimes it doesn't feel good but it helps us. The slaves learned their lesson and wanted to go worship God. They needed to sacrifice their lambs like God said. They were sorry they sinned. But the Pharaoh would not let them go! They really needed God. Just like we need Him!

And that all of that was about Easter. About God's incredible plan.

We learned about the terrible plagues God sent to Egypt. We learned about how stubborn some people are and how they do not want to do things God's way. We learned we do not want to be like them! We learned that God said that He'd had enough. The death angel was going to come, and the first one born in every family would have to die. From the king all the way down to the poorest family. Even the animals! That was a very sad thing. We would think of who would die in each of our own families. For some of us, it was me! We learned about how sin always has to be paid for.

And that all of that was about Easter. About God's perfect plan.

And then we learned about how God told His people just what to do. About how He always tells us what to do to fix what's wrong. God told His people to go get their best, most perfect lamb. The sweetest, most gentle one they had. And they had to kill it. They had to sacrifice it to cover up their sin. God told them just where to put that sweet lamb's blood on their doorways. God promised them that when the death angel came by he would pass over their house if he saw that blood. No one would be killed at that house because the blood of that perfect lamb would cover up their sin. And that's just what happened on that amazing night! That night that God called the Passover. We learned that God said to celebrate it every year. Like our birthdays.

And that all of that was about Easter. About God's amazing, incredible, perfect plan.

And then we learned about that day about two thousand years ago when God finished His plan. It was Passover time. It was time to sacrifice the sweet lamb. But this year Jesus was the Lamb. Jesus died on the cross to pay for sin once and for all. It was a terrible, horrible way to die, and He didn't have to do it because He was God and could do anything He wanted. But He did it because He loves us so much. He was the perfect Lamb of God. He shed His blood for us.

But this Lamb's blood was special, because it was God's blood, and it doesn't just cover up sin. It cleans it all away as though it had never been there. Jesus died and paid for our sins with His own blood. Then He rose from the dead on the third day to show that He is the true and living God. And we just have to believe and trust Him. With our whole hearts. Just like God's children in Egypt had to trust God. It wasn't enough to know about it. They needed to believe and trust God and do what He said!

Easter time is the best time ever to trust Christ. If you've never given Him your heart and had that precious blood applied to your life, run to Him today! There is a post pinned to the bottom of the 'home' page of this site that will help you. It's entitled 'Redeemed'. Please feel free to ask questions through the 'contact' link at the top of this page. I wish you and your family a very wonderful Easter!


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