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More Useless Facts About Me

1. I once cut several inches off the trunk of a real cut Christmas tree with a butter knife. Why? Because I needed it to be shorter to fit in the house. Why a butter knife? Because that's all I had. How long did it take? Half of the night. I'm nothing if I'm not persistent.

2. I have my concealed carry license. I just learned to shoot recently. Turns out I love it! And I'm pretty good, too. So don't mess with this girl. I just might be packin' heat. :)

3. I have a baby in heaven. I miscarried between Pam and Jim. It was soon after my grandma went to heaven. I've always thought that she missed my 'little people' so much that God gave her one of her own. If I had carried that baby to term I would not have Jim. God knows. Jim is sure that his sibling in heaven is a boy. He thinks that God would not give him FIVE sisters to torture him throughout all of eternity.

4. I could eat pizza every day of my life. New York style. Greasy spoon, we call it. We've been known to call pizza joints when traveling and ask them if they make greasy spoon pizza, just to see what they say. If they make it, they know what that means. :)

5. I am horrible with directions. Crazy awful. I have been known to drive my car for hours in the wrong direction. I mean like north instead of south. The complete opposite way. Pitiful. Don't even get me turned around inside a McDonald's. If I go to the bathroom I will not know what door to go out to get back to my car. I'm not proud; I'll walk all of the way around the building to find my car if I have to. People in the drive-thru look at you funny, though. Thank the Lord for GPS.

6. I love Disney. My childhood was not all that, but when I walk down Main Street, I am the happiest eight-year-old you'll ever see. I went to Disney World for the first time when I was fortyish. My first visit to Disneyland was to celebrate my fiftieth birthday. I have now probably made that walk toward the castle more than a hundred times. And it's nearly as sweet today as it was that first time. If I am staying on property for any length of time, I have to make sure to pay all of my bills before I go. Because when I'm there, responsibility ceases to exist and I really am a carefree child. The Lord is so good to me!

7. I was painfully shy when I was a child. Pam comes by it naturally. But before I was twenty I was in the ministry, and quickly found out that God needed me to get over myself fast. So I did. But I do still fight it a bit on occasion.

8. I have a hard time understanding prejudice towards other people. I just don't get it. The color of skin is no different to me than the color of hair or eyes. All the same. I've been known to meet a new person and spend some time talking to them. Then I'll try to tell a family member about them. I'll know their life story, their temperament, their favorite ice cream flavor, about their annoying co-worker, how many children they have and their ages, what they ate for lunch, and what they think of Jesus, but don't ask me what color their skin was, because there's a good chance I didn't notice unless there was something exaggerated about them that pointed to their ethnicity. Like they barely spoke English, lol. I probably won't know much else about their other physical traits, either. I would make a terrible criminal witness. I know, I'm weird.

9. I have this thing about never capitalizing any of the names for the devil. I know that satan is a proper name. I just refuse to capitalize it. He doesn't deserve it. And yes, I know that makes him angry. And I don't take that lightly.

10. Twice God has come close to taking one of my children in death. One when she was a baby. Another when she was an adult. I will write about them some day. Both times God gave me a miracle and I got to keep them. But I do know what that feels like. It's the worst thing a person can endure; the loss of a child. I have so much compassion for those who are asked to suffer through that horrible trial. But God is still faithful. And He always knows best. Always! I love Him so much!


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