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The Princess and The Lieutenant

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful little girl born with a kind and tender heart. She was that rare kind of soul that loved and cared deeply about others, even when she was very young. She was so easy to raise. If she did something that her momma frowned upon, a raised eyebrow was enough to have her in tears; not so much for whatever she'd done, but because she'd made her mother sad. She gave her heart to Jesus at a young age and seemed to know Him and love Him beyond her years. She loved Sunday School and church and was there every service, but her favorite thing of all was Awana Club, and her beloved Mrs. Dawn. She went to Christian School, was homeschooled, and then graduated from Bible College. Then she waited patiently for God to send her Prince Charming. She knew that He would. Once upon a time there was a handsome young man who had recently trusted Christ. He was a lieutenant in the Navy; a man of great responsibility and respect. He was saluted as he walked down the street and performed his duties. He was fun-loving and caring and incredibly kind and giving. He longed to know Jesus better. But he was alone. And he wanted to get to know more about this beautiful woman that he had just recently met. Her face shone of the Lord, and he couldn't get her out of his mind. But he lived many states away from her and went months between times that he could see her. This girl was an editor of highly classified government documents. The projects she worked on included military aircraft carriers, fighter planes, and the presidential helicopter. Every few months the 'big bosses' would come to town for several days to meet with the team working on individual undertakings. One day there was a handsome Navy Lieutenant who came to look over the progress of the work being done on his project. She didn't even know his name, for everyone on the team as well as in the company just respectfully called him 'The Lieutenant'. But he smiled and chatted every time he saw her. And then he would go away. The girl did not even notice his flirtatious ways at first, because she was not the type of girl to be looking for a man. He was going to have to step it up to get her attention. He made several pitiful attempts, but it was not going well. He went to her office to 'borrow' a phone charger that he didn't really need, but that fell flat. Her boss had asked if she would mind going to pick up lunch for the prominent guests in the absence of the person usually performing that task, and the lieutenant asked if he could accompany her. She just found that annoying. She was hoping for a break from work. But yet, there was something about him... This sweet girl was thirty-one years old and lived at home with her family. Anytime she wanted to go to dinner with friends or go away on a girlfriend weekend, she always asked her momma first. Not because she needed to, because her mother told her often that she was an adult and could do what she pleased. She knew her heart and trusted her. No need to ask permission. But it didn't matter. She always asked anyway. Because she loved her momma. And she was that kind of girl. One day this momma got a text from this daughter. There was this lieutenant. And he wanted to take her to dinner. What did I think? Did I think that would be alright? She wouldn't be home late. And what do you think was the response of this momma? (By the way, this girl was very picky in the boy department. She was beautiful. She got hit on often. But she had a list of requirements. And so, she always very sweetly said 'no' to those silly boys.) This momma replied to her text: "What?!? That sounds like a date!!! Go!" The mother couldn't wait to meet THIS boy!!! Off they went to dinner, my girl Sarah and her lieutenant, who had a first name after all. It was Brian. And so their adventure began. Long distance at first, only seeing each other every few months. Then every few weeks. He seemed to find a great need to visit his family in a nearby state more often than before. :) Brian began faithfully attending a wonderful church near his home, where the Bible was preached undefiled. He grew like a weed. His love for the Lord and his pastor and his childlike zeal were unlike any I've ever seen in a young Christian. And don't you know that this momma watched over him and taught him and made absolutely sure that his love was for the Lord alone and had nothing to do with her daughter. He was tested more times than he realized. He was hungry to learn and couldn't get enough, and we spoke daily through text. Usually many times. I likened him to Jacob, if you know his story. Brian loved that. And Sarah didn't even know. (We weren't going behind her back. I would never do that. The two of us were planning a surprise for her. See how God works?) Just that alone could be a book, for it is truly a miracle, what God did in his life. They both found themselves individually to be in the most tumultuous year of their lives, but yet in spite of that, they fell in love. And God was all over it. Blessings beyond measure. And so, one year ago today, they were married in a beautiful ceremony. They are precious together; their love for each other and their love for the Lord. The Navy has taken them many miles from me for a little while. Brian has been my hero on two fronts. First, in his service for my country to ensure my precious freedom. And secondly, on a more personal level. I love him so much! Difficult times continue for all of us, but they are getting better. And we have each other, as well as the Lord! God is so very good to us! Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Brian Danner! I love you both with all of my heart!

PS~ You know that I love the meaning of my name- a stranger. Sarah has an equally appropriate name. Sarah means princess. Just in case you were still wondering about the title. :)

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