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Music Therapy

I wrote months ago about depression. It has been the most reposted piece that I have written up until now. It is also the subject that is most often discussed with me by way of private message. Depression. In that post, I mentioned a tool that helps me a lot when I'm fighting discouragement and depression. That is the singing of hymns and spiritual songs. Today we'll talk a little about it. Music therapy. I can't tell you how you should to do it. I can only tell you what works for me. It helps me every single time. First, let me say again that I am a big fan of good preaching. I need the Scripture to be the pure Words of God, undefiled by man. I need the preacher to love the Lord and be prayed up before he gets behind the pulpit. I then need him to be willing to step aside and let the Holy Spirit speak through him. I don't mind his personality coming through and some personal illustrations; I love those. Jesus told lots of stories. But for the most part, I need a message from God. A message that God can use to tear me apart. I want conviction. I want my heart broken. Because I know what God does with me then. It's good stuff! Let me say that I could not be a member of or regularly attend a church where I did not receive that. All of the other stuff is just a bonus. Every man gets in the flesh once in a while, and I forgive him. :) But without that kind of preaching for the most part, I'd have to be moving along. I NEED to be fed from the pulpit. I know, I'm weird. We've already established that. When I am feeling blue and on that slippery slope, it just might be on a Monday or Thursday morning. Too many days and hours between now and the next church service. Now don't think that I'm dismissing my own prayer and Bible study as a remedy for being in the dumps. I hope that goes without saying. But did you ever feel so wiped out that you couldn't even get there? I have. I have a secret weapon. I pull out one of my favorite CDs. My daughter says talking about CDs dates me. But I can't help it; that's what I do. Now it's gotta be the good stuff. I like my music the same way I like my preaching. Straight up. No singing the same chorus about 'glory to God' eight times. I want to give God the glory, and I do. But that's not what I'm looking for here. And that's not what's on my CDs. I want songs about the shed Blood of Jesus. About how He loves me so much that He suffered and died in my place. And what that suffering was like. About what a wretched sinner I am. And how God loves me anyway. About how God the Father had to turn His head when Jesus was on the cross, because He could not look on my sin. About how I don't want to hurt Him by living in the flesh. About how I should love others. And be kind. And grateful! About how my life should point others to Jesus. I needs songs about Heaven. And rejoicing around the throne of God with loved ones who have gone before me. About no more pain and sadness. And about finally getting to touch His face! I like my music the way I like my preaching. :) So, I turn on the CD player. LOUD! And I sing with everything that's in me. At the top of my lungs. Heaven help anyone who might be nearby. Look out! And I don't do anything else. Just sing. Singing the words out loud and with all of my heart. And then I cry. Big ugly crying. Sobbing. Oh my, how good it is for the soul! It's like preaching to myself. God speaks. He breaks my heart. He washes my soul and spirit clean with those tears. I just can't explain it to you any other way. But it works every single time! Oh, one more thing. I have a rule. It's just a rule of my own making, in my own head. If the song makes me cry, I hit the repeat button and do it again. Over and over until I can sing it without crying. I've gone dozens of times on one song. Seriously. Ask my kids. I mentioned before that they are not fond of that repeat button. And now you know why! :)


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