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Sinner Saved By Grace

A few days ago I wrote about music therapy. Then, last night, I found myself in a pickup truck with my son. You know, that one who caused me so much trouble when he was born. The one who Dr. Magan pronounced 'born again' on the day of his birth. (You can read that story here.) That one. My youngest. My preacher boy.

Anyway, if you know the two of us at all, you will know that spending two hours alone together in a truck will mean lots of laughter and probably some tears. We talk. Heart talk. When Jim was a kid, he called those talks 'lectures'. Real talk about God and life and the principles of the Bible. But now, he participates. Sometimes he teaches me stuff. It's very cool.

So, the cd player in the car was going. Then a song came on that made us stop talking and turn it up loud. And we begin singing like the people in China had a need to hear us. Unfortunately for him, the same rules apply when I am with him as when alone. If I cry, I hit the repeat button. Lol! We'd better try this one again. Poor boy! I must have hit that button twenty times. Same big, ugly crying. Only in public. People in other cars probably thought I had just received very bad news. At some point I made him promise to sing it at my funeral. :)

I like the children's cooking show with Gordon Ramsay. When one of the kids nails a dish, Gordon will tell them that they have 'served up themselves on a plate'. The food that they created demonstrates who they are and what they are about. I like that.

This song is one of my favorites. It's my testimony. It's me on a plate. :)

If you could see what I once was- If you could go with me Back to where I started from, Then I know you would see The miracle of love that took Me in His sweet embrace And made me what I am today- A sinner saved by grace.

How could I boast of anything I've ever seen or done? How could I dare to claim as mine The vict’ries God has won? Where would I be, had God not brought me Gently to this place? I'm here to say I'm nothing but A sinner saved by grace.

I'm just a sinner saved by grace;

When I stood condemned to die,

He took my place!

Now I grow and breathe in freedom

with each breath of life I take;

Loved and forgiven-

Back with the living-

I'm just a sinner saved by grace!


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