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Convictions and Preferences

In the past I have written of something I have referred to a conviction. Perhaps we will talk of that a bit. Convictions and preferences. Maybe you are not familiar with either one of those terms. But if you are a Christian, you should have both in your life. And you should know what is which and which is what. There is a difference. A preference is a very strong belief, held with great strength. It is a huge, life altering deal. But a preference is a belief that you would be willing to change under the right circumstances. Circumstances like death. Or jail. If those threats could change it, it is a preference. A conviction is a belief that nothing will alter. Not even death or the threat of it. It is held because God requires it of you, and it is an unmovable truth in your life. Preferences aren't protected by the constitution. Convictions are. A conviction is not something that you just wake up one morning and discover about yourself. A conviction is a truth that you purpose in your heart, between you and God. Once established, violation of a conviction would be sin. In Daniel 1:8, "Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank." And he was willing to die for it. That was his conviction. Between himself and God. And so into the lion's den he went. God gave me a test for myself to figure out the difference when my children were very young. An unthinkable test. But I did think about it, because that's how God helped me to determine if something were a preference or a conviction. Back in the day, there was no ISIS to fear. We feared communism. (Recently we had a self-proclaimed socialist running for president! A cousin to communism. Nothing else, I believe, speaks as much to how far we've moved as a country as that. But I've determined to not speak of politics with this blog, so I'll leave it at that.) Anyway, we feared communism. Now I learned a long time ago that there are worse things than death. Do I seem like the type of girl who you could scare with Heaven? Ha! Do what you will to me, but don't hurt my children. So that is my ultimate test. If I were to witness a gun to the head of my child, or worse yet, to see them abused and confiscated for and by evil, what would I be willing to do to put a stop to it? The things that I would be willing to alter to save my children are preferences. Those that I would choose to endure without compromise are convictions. Case closed. I have lots of strong preferences in my life. Places I won't go, things I won't touch, or taste, or wear. Things that I don't want to look at or think about or listen to if I can help it. Things I won't put into my body or partake in or say. Those things are personal and are between myself and the Lord. They were settled a long time ago. They are NOT to earn God's favor. Some of them maybe even God thinks are a bit silly. But He understands me. God knows my heart. But I can guarantee you one thing. Put my precious granddaughter before me and threaten her with great evil, and watch me eat, drink, touch, wear, and look upon things that I have never have before, if that will save her. That's the test. Those things are preferences. Now, there are convictions in place in my life that are unmovable by ANYTHING that the devil could throw at me. That is difficult to write, only because satan hears my testimony as I tell you that and will be all over me like white on rice. But I must say it, just the same. Jesus is the Son of God. I am Blood Washed through His precious death on Calvary. The Bible is the Word of God. Those are just a few of my convictions. Truths that I would die for. Things that I could not save my sweet family over. Truths that I could not deny. Convictions. We are living in evil days. I am seeing things happen that I never thought I'd witness here on earth. I thought I'd be eating at the marriage supper and rejoicing around the throne of God as these things happened. But my ways are not God's ways. I do know this. His coming is soon. I am listening for the trumpet. And if you are a Christian, you'd better figure out what your convictions are. Because one day if the Lord tarries much longer, it may be required of you to make decisions based on them. If I lost you paragraphs ago and you have no clue what I am talking about, it's time to get things settled with God and know that you have a home in Heaven, like I do. Read this post entitled 'Redeemed', and settle things today!

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