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Still More Useless Facts About Me


1. I have never gotten a speeding ticket. Or any other kind, for that matter. I tend to drive pretty fast, so don't ask me how in the world that's happened except by the mercy of God. He knows how difficult it would be for me to throw that money away paying the fine. I have had two warnings. The way things have been going for me, I'll probably get a ticket tomorrow. I write it and it happens. I'd better stay home!

2. I homeschooled each of my kids at some point. Poor Jim had it the worst. He was in kindergarten down the hall and around the corner from my classroom. So, he had a teacher who wasn't me. Yep, that's it. I was his teacher in the traditional classroom for first and second grades, and then I homeschooled him through his high school graduation. I can hear the collective 'ah-hah!' coming from all those who know him. Explains a lot, doesn't it? :)

3. I was the vice president of the FTA in high school. That's Future Teachers of America. I told you I was a geek.

4. I am not afraid to tackle home improvement projects. Big ones. I've installed cherry hardwood flooring to the entire upstairs of my house, and wall-to-wall carpet to the entire downstairs. Pretty much all by myself. My son and I did all of the crown molding and tile work, and we replaced sliders with french doors. I replaced my first window just a few weeks ago. I've done more custom trim work than I could keep track of, including odd doors and bare windows. As long as I can youtube it, I am pretty home improvement fearless at this point.

5. I have been told recently that I am too sensitive. I do feel deeply. And love large. Maybe that's it.

6. ...and that I think too much. Too many 'deep thoughts'. Again, probably true. I would fix those things to be more like others if I knew how. But I don't. I've tried.

7. I HATE to have my feet touched. Makes getting a pedicure difficult. I always marvel at others saying how relaxing a pedicure is. Are you kidding me?

8. I can get by on very little sleep. I've always been this way. The only time I use an alarm is when I have to get up some weird time like 2 A.M. to go to the airport. Normally, give me between five and six hours and my eyes just pop open and I'm good to go. I love those very early morning hours! I have this theory that I can die at the same age as the next guy, but I'll have lived way longer because I've been awake so much more. See how my brain works? Lol!

9. I LOVE the Baltimore Orioles. I know, I'm not an athlete. Read about the slippery slope. But I don't play; I just watch, silly! And watch I do. I rarely miss a game. If it's a church night or I'm out, the game is being recorded. I cheer as I watch as though I'm at the game. I've been known to watch a good win twice. I'm a faithful fan, and love them the same if they're in first place or last. I'm cheering as I write this. We just tied the game up. Home run, Trumbo. Go, Os!

10. I do not know how to do ANY car maintenance or repairs. Not even check the oil. I've just always refused to learn. It's where I've drawn the line. I am now rethinking the wisdom of that. My car has been sitting in the driveway all sad looking for two weeks. Guess I'd better learn. Youtube, here I come!

Well, if you add those useless facts to these and these, and you take them to the bank with a roll of dimes, they will give you five dollars. Just sayin'. :)

PS~ Orioles now winning, 12-5, bottom of the eighth. Woohoo!


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