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Up High In The Sky

When I fly, I always think that during that time in the air, I am going to get so many things done. I will write three blog posts and get ahead. I will read every page of a favorite magazine, and tear out the pages that I want to keep. I will catch up on answering emails, and be ready to send off all eighteen replies when I land. And then I just might take a nap! But whether it's just an hour or two, or I'm flying to the west coast and it takes a good part of the day, I always become totally distracted by what I see out that window and my thoughts that are provoked. And still, knowing that, I will climb over people to get that window seat. Even if it means sitting in the back near the smelly bathroom. Even knowing that it will take ten minutes to deplane from back there. I still will go for that window seat every single time. As I take off and hover just above the houses below, I think of how amazing it is that there are so many people living right there so near to me. People who I do not know. People who I most likely will never meet. But many of whom do not know the Lord as I do. And I wish for them what I have. It's funny to me, what people think of a life wholly surrendered to God. They think it's a life of sacrifice. What a paradox that is. Instead, I live a life of such triumph and freedom. Even in my darkest hours, I am filled with joy and peace. I am the happiest person you'll ever meet. How sad I am for those who do not understand this secret of life. And I think that there are those in those houses who are saved and on their way to heaven. They are my brothers and sisters, but I don't even know them. In heaven, they will be as close to me as those who I count as my dearest here on earth. How can that be? Will it mean that my loved ones will mean less? Certainly not. It will mean that those I count as strangers here with be loved dearly there. What a thought! And before I've sorted through those thoughts, I find myself in a magical place above the clouds. Every time is different. Always amazingly beautiful! Sometimes, I've left stormy weather below, and within minutes I am in the bright sunshine. Sometimes the white, puffy clouds of beautiful weather make a floor for the plane to just skim over, and I feel as though I am in a wonderland. Why are people talking and working and reading? I could charge big money for this view. Maybe then they would pay attention. Folks have a tendency to see things that are free as having little value. That's one of the first thing that they teach you in college as you prepare to help others with Biblical counseling. That people will see you as having little worth if you work for free. Isn't that sad? I think about the fact that I am just a little physically closer to God, up here thirty-five thousand feet above the earth. I wonder if the rapture were to happen, would I see Jesus just a fraction of a second sooner than my loved ones who I've left standing on solid ground? I think not, but I love the thought. I can't wait to see Him. I wonder how it will be. When I'm in His presence as I live in this fleshly body, it's just me and Him. There is a closeness and intimacy unlike any other. But there, in heaven, there will be many others. But I know I won't be waiting in line. I know I won't have to share Him. The intimacy will be greater and more complete. How will that work? I am part of the bride of Christ. I LOVE that. I can't wait to see Him face to face. To physically feel His embrace. And for me, I long most of all to touch His face. I think about how funny it is, when you pass another plane going the other way in the distance in the sky. It seems like they are going at rocket speed, and my plane is moving so slowly. I know that they would see my plane in the same way, only in reverse. I paid attention in physics! But I wonder at it, just the same. Late one night, I flew with thunderstorms all around. It was one of my most memorable flights. Even though I love thunder and lightening, it was a bit unnerving to be in the air with them in the darkness. But incredibly beautiful. God's doings at His finest, nature wise. My favorite, of course, is to be landing into a sunset. It takes my breath away. Every. Single. Time! I have been known to schedule a flight around that sunset hour. The announcement is being made. Time to put away all large electronic devices. But look at me! I wrote a blog post on this flight! Tah-dah! :)

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