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STILL MORE Useless Facts About Me

It took me a while to come up with any more useless facts about myself. I conclude from that fact that I just might be a little more boring than I'd like to admit. But, I finally came up with ten, and here they are: 1. I have had lasik corrective eye surgery. It was about ten years ago. I had worn glasses since I was in the third grade, and then contacts from the age of eighteen. First hard contacts, and then gas permeable. Old school. The surgery is probably the nicest thing that I've ever done for myself, money-wise. It still feels like God gave me a Bible-times miracle every morning when I open my eyes. 2. I love very crisp sheets. Really cool, crunchy ones with a high thread count. No flannel or soft cotton for this girl. I have the soft ones for the areo beds and such, and use them when the grandkids come. But I can't sleep on them, or at least, I choose not to. And I really can't stand fuzzy blankets! Ugh! Just thinking about them makes me feel like I'm suffocating! 3. I guess I should tell you about my tattoo. Ha! Had you for a second! No tattoos. I'm not a fan. 4. I absolutely LOVE the ocean. If I lived there I would be skinny, because I would walk it for miles every morning and every night. Even in the rain. A few years ago, I was able to have my toes in the Atlantic and then the Pacific within a few weeks time. It was glorious! 5. You know I have five children and that all were born natural childbirth. But I have a secret as to how that all got started. I never went to a single Lamaze class. That was VERY important, back in the day. You had to qualify for such a thing. But I was busy. Remember, I was a staff wife and teacher. So I checked books out of the library and read like a fiend. No one ever asked me directly, and so I faked that whole Lamaze thing. :) 6. My favorite teacher in high school was Mr. Stockett. He was preppy before his time, and I adored him. Still do. He taught English and any advanced English related subject. He was more like a college professor, and that's how he approached his students. He would sit cross legged on his desk and read to us. My senior year I had a great need to work more hours, and I dropped all but the first two periods of the day. I already had enough credits to graduate and just needed English 12. The other class that I held onto was Written Comp. Mr. Stockett taught both. I would mention the Lord in my writing, and though he was not a believer, he and I had great discussions as a result. I would live for the lengthy comments that he would hand write on an assignment before he returned it. Mr. Stockett came to my wedding. If he knew what I did now (this blog), he would be so proud. I marvel when folks call me an author, sometimes with a kind adjective in front of it. Mr. Stockett would beam! 7. I wore braces when I was a kid. Top and bottom. Lots of shiny silver. The orthodontist told me once that if I sat up tall in my bed late at night that I might be able to get radio reception. Haha! 8. I am a crabber. Not just pots. I can run a twelve-hundred-foot trotline filled with chicken necks like nobody's business. It's dirty and stinky and very hard work, but I LOVE it. 9. Pam was my fourth daughter in a row. She didn't have a name for a week. The only reason she got one then was because we had to take her back to the hospital. She was very jaundiced. They wouldn't admit her without a name. Lol! I had used up all of my favorite girl names as first and middle names for the first three, and wanted something fabulous. Poor baby! 10. Jim's name came so easily. Any of his four older sisters would have received his name had they been a boy. Hey, I have two left over! Maybe I'm a little less boring than I thought! :)

PS~ If you are just now jumping in and you'd like to read more of this nonsense, you

can find the first, second, and third ones here. :)

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