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Man, man, what a fool; When it's hot he wants it cool. When it's cool he wants it hot. Always wants what he hasn't got. My childhood came with a bonus grandma. She was my grandma's sister, and they lived on the same small piece of land-- one in a little house, and the other in a trailer. The bonus grandma who lived in the trailer we called Mim Mim. It worked out great when my little sister and I came to visit. We each got our own personal grandma. I got the regular one, since I came first. My younger sister got Mim Mim. We were each especially close to our own personal grandma. Mim Mim's husband had died before I was born. But I never knew her to not have a boyfriend. I don't know what she had going on. Clearly, something. She never broke up with them. They would beg her to marry them. She would refuse. Then they would die. And next thing you knew, somehow the process would repeat itself. Mim Mim lived to be ninety-four. Then she finally died and left one of them behind. I remember three boyfriends. The longest running one was Jimmy. He dealt in antiques and he only ate baby food from a jar. I think he had an ulcer, but I'm not sure. The ulcer probably was a result of him not being able to convince Mim Mim to marry him. She was a stubborn old lady. Did I mention that she was my sister, Laura's, favorite? I got the real grandma. Anyway, Jimmy taught me to say that little rhyme that we started with. I just googled it to see if I should give credit to someone. The version that I found online is much more grammatically correct, but even that one lists an unknown author, so I think we're good. Every summer when the weather gets hot I think of this rhyme. You know I'm not a fan of the heat. I have a tendency to complain about it a bit, because it really does make me ill, and I'm not kidding. But I hate to complain, and the rhyme helps me not to. Much. Philippians 4:11~ "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." 1 Timothy 6:6~ "But godliness with contentment is great gain." I don't want to be a fool. The Bible tells us to be content. I will try to be content to stay in the air conditioning and keep my mouth shut when I'm out. In the heat. Which I don't like. :)

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