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I have sat under some incredible preaching in my day. In looking through my old Bibles I see the signatures of some mighty men of God, most of whom have been since called to heaven. But the preaching is all in vain but for the Word of God, the working of the Holy Spirit, and a willing heart. I recently wrote of my Jottings. And so, a few more truths that I've jotted down through the years: 1. Witnessing to the lost is just us working on the outside while the Holy Spirit works on the inside. 2. Self-pity always brings bitterness. 3. Christianity is simple obedience to Christ. Just do as you're told! 4. Who you are (virtue) is more important than what you know (knowledge). 5. Faith is a deep seeded conviction that God will work the thing out. 6. I conquer only where I yield. 7. He's as lost as a junebug in a hailstorm. ~Pastor Jack Caldwell 8. I never could have imagined what loving me would cost. 9. Love is real. Fear is an illusion. 10. That something different that you see in some Christians-- It's called the favor of God. 11. An hour of prayer prevents a week of wasted work. ~Pastor Daniel Green 12. Applaud character and obedience, not talent. 13. Faith is living without scheming. 14. There are two types of obedience to God. Obedience as a result of duty, vs obedience as a result of devotion. 15. God does not need my plan. He just needs me in His plan.

You'll find the first set of jottings here, in case you missed them. :)

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