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Even More Useless Facts About Me

Okay, the well is almost dry. I had to print out the first forty useless facts so I don't repeat myself. But I keep getting requests for more, so I am digging deep and trying. :) 1. I have a thing for shoes these days. Pretty heels, in particular. For about five years I couldn't wear them because of my bum hip. I couldn't even cross my legs. Not just in the girly way, but even in the way that guys do. It was bad. But then God gave me a new bionic hip, and now I can! And I love pretty shoes more than ever because I had to do without for so long. 2. I am a procrastinator and a perfectionist. They go hand in hand, but the second condition is worse than the first. Maybe. 3. I am not much of a chocolate eater. Just a few select things. I love chocolate pie, but just the way I make it. It is a family classic. And maybe once in a while a very moist brownie, right from the oven, with a glass of cold milk. NOT the kind of brownies we call 'cake-like'. Occasionally, a few Hershey kisses or a Baby Ruth bar. And the fudge from a hot fudge sundae. But I'm not much on ice cream, either. 4. I nullify any advantage that I might have from not being a chocolateholic with my love of cheese. Most any kind. Well, I don't know about those stinky ones. I can't get them past my nose. But most cheese. If I'm not eating slices or adding it to my cooking, I'm dipping almost anything into a cheese sauce. :) 5. My grandmother was buried on my birthday. For five or six years after that I wouldn't allow much birthday celebration. But then my kids got older and their disappointment with not being able to make a big deal of my birthday outweighed my preference to not celebrate. 6. I have been on television. I was interviewed on the Baltimore evening news, in studio. The kids were there, too. I'd have to go back and watch, but I think Jimmy was a baby in my arms. Or maybe that was Pam. 7. I was a Girl Scout. I know how to make a situpon and how to use an aluminum mess kit. I have my sash with all of my badges somewhere. 8. I was hit by a car when I was in the sixth grade. I had been walking home from a Girl Scout meeting. I was hit full body on my side and went flying through the air. I got up and refused treatment, even though I was really banged up. I was afraid I'd get into trouble. I managed to keep my injuries hidden throughout the coming weeks, and no one was the wiser. 9. My favorite Disney characters are Dumbo and Jiminy Cricket. I wonder if anyone can figure out why? 10. I have freckles. Tons of them. They are all over my arms and on my legs from my knees to my feet. Lol, that made me laugh. Everywhere the sun shines. I have two red-headed sisters. They have very few freckles. Somehow I got them instead. I must have red-headed skin. :) Well, I have three left over this time, and had two left over from the last useless post, but I couldn't remember or locate them when I wrote these. I know I wrote them down. So, when I find them and if they are not duplicates I might have the makings of another round of this some day. If you missed any of this previous foolishness, you can catch up here: one, two, three, and four. :)

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