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To Whom Much Is Given

I began writing yesterday, answering from the Word of God some simple questions that folks ask who are not familiar with what the Bible teaches. I have had a huge advantage in life. I have sat under good preaching in a Bible believing church since I was sixteen. I was counseling someone the other day, and she was expressing her frustration at the fact that she felt that she was still a baby Christian, even though she had been saved for many years. She wanted to know why my knowledge of the Bible seemed to come so easily, and compared that to her own struggle with the Word of God. So, I got out my phone and we did a little math. She has been in a good Bible preaching church for one year. She has been pretty faithful, not missing many of the three church services a week-- Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. We are going to call that one hundred and fifty opportunities to sit under the preaching of God's Word. Then we did me. Over seven thousand times I've sat under good, solid Bible preaching. I was thinking that surely I've missed a few services along the way for times of sickness of myself and my children. But then I thought of all of the revivals and camp meetings and special services that I've attended. All with amazing preaching. Those extra meetings were much more common back in the day. People were hungrier for the Word of God. A week's revival would turn in to two weeks as the Holy Spirit moved and altars were full each night. God changed lives. God's presence was so real and the moving of the Holy Spirit of God so obvious. Once you've tasted that, there is no going back. Nothing else will do. I sit here with tears as I long with all of my heart to experience that again. I can't wait for heaven! Those meetings were just a tiny taste. So, I am sure that those extra preaching times more than make up for regular services that I missed. Over seven thousand! I don't know if you could begin to understand how accountable that makes me feel. Accountable to God for what He has given me. Oh my word, the times God breaks me as I write. Many minutes of tears between sentences. Jesus was teaching about the servant who did not serve his master well in Luke chapter twelve. He said of that servant that he knew his master's will, but did it not, and Jesus was saying what his punishment would be. The emphasis was on the fact that he KNEW! Then Jesus said: Luke 12:48 - "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." I started out with an intention of writing something else today. But God brought me here, to this place of brokenness. Oh, how He drives me to my knees now, sobbing. Not in fear and desperation as before, but in gratefulness and sweet fellowship. Sorry, I know I am rambling. But I wish I had known this place before. I know I came to it only as a result of Him carrying me through the darkest and stormiest valley of my life. Oh, the joy on the other side! Words fail me. But there is an old-fashioned revival going on here in my little office today. Just me and my sweet Father. I typed the words and He gave it to me. I wish I could tell you how amazing! It took a long time to write this short blog post, because the message was for me today. I love Him so much, and I don't want to fail Him. I know much is required. God has provided a way for me out of the dust. He is so good and sweet to me. To those of you who know how to get ahold of God, I beg of you that you remember me when you pray. What an opportunity that God has given me after I thought all was lost. God help me to be faithful to Him as He leads me. Because I know much is required. I wish I could tell you how good He has been to me and how much I want to please Him.

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