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Guest Blogger: Sarah Danner~ Little Eyes

I have been thinking and praying about featuring an occasional guest blogger, and thought it only fitting that my daughter, Sarah, be the first. If you have not been following the story of her illness and miracle, go back and read the four blog posts that feature Sarah's Story, and you will learn to love her and enjoy her testimony, as she wrote it for you today. :) The church where my husband and I attend is a small one in the central valley of California. It’s an area that so desperately needs Jesus. Our mid-week service is more of an intimate Bible study, which I love. During the course of the past several months, each adult member has taken a turn giving their testimony – how they were saved and their life forever changed by Jesus. There have been some amazing testimonies. Stories of ruined lives that God has completely transformed. I haven’t given mine yet because I am the youngest of the group, so I will be last. I have thought about it though from the moment I knew we were going to be doing this. What will I say? My testimony isn’t extraordinary like some of the others. At least that’s what I thought up until just a few weeks ago. Here’s how mine begins... I was born and raised in a Christian home. The best, really. More love than most will ever experience in their lifetime. My momma grew up in a broken home and if there was one thing she was going to make sure of, it was that her kids had the happiest love filled home. Looking back now, I know there were a lot of sacrifices made in order for that to happen. We were in church every service and many times throughout the week, too. My parents both worked full time within the church which means we were there for every activity, meeting, and special event. It was our normal and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I was five years old when I accepted Jesus’ shed blood for my sins. I can’t tell you what day it was or what time of year it was. I can take you to the exact place it happened though. We were at home, in Baltimore. I went up to my parent’s bedroom and my momma was in there. I looked up at her and I started crying. I told her I needed Jesus in my life. So there we sat, on the corner edge of my parent’s bed and I prayed such a simple prayer yet the most powerful prayer I’ve ever prayed. That is where my faith story actually began. You see, our testimony doesn’t end the day we get saved. That’s just the beginning. Our testimony is lived out every single day. When the doctor tells you that you have terminal cancer and he gives you just a few months to get your affairs in order, your testimony is shown full screen on a big projector for all to see. When God suddenly takes someone out of your life that you loved beyond words and you wonder how you are supposed to live without them, again, your testimony is on display. When the storm is so strong and you feel so alone, it is in these times that you have the most viewers. There are little eyes all around us, always watching us. That's our testimony. It’s easy for a life to shine bright for Jesus when things are going well. But what about those gut-wrenching, fall to your knees, can hardly take a breath times? I’ve had those times too. Read the above paragraph again. That’s my story. Sadly, I can’t say I’ve always allowed my love for Jesus to shine brightly but God always gives us a fresh start. And my intention is to always do just that - to let my light shine for Jesus! Matthew 5:16 – “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” ~Sarah Danner

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