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Sarah's Story~ Postscript

I write this as I fly high above the Atlantic Ocean. The Lord has allowed me a little mini-missions-trip. I will be with people who I love with all of my heart, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. God is so very good to me. Southwest does not fly to where I am going, and so my seat was pre-assigned. (If you do not know what I am talking about, read Up High In The Sky.) I am in an aisle, not a window seat, and the girl two seats over at the window wants to sleep and has the shade pulled. It is very early in the morning, but I am accustomed to this hour, and am wide awake. And so I actually have time to think and reflect. And so I write. I posted Sarah's own testimony, and have reposted her love story with Brian. God is faithful. Brian has a connection to Sarah's illness and miracle, even though the two of them had not yet met when she was so sick. And so, with Sarah's permission (as always), I will tell you about it now. The threads that run through the story are many. I guess I should tell you first that we found out later that my own doctor, a Christian who loves the Lord more than I could begin to tell you, not only knows Dr. Boice, but was trained by him, and they today are very close friends. This was only discovered months after our miracle. And he has told me that Dr. Boice is famous for doing what I am about to tell you about. When Dr. Boice took Sarah back to surgery, he saw her as a dying woman and had no regard at all for the scar that he was going to leave behind. What difference does it make-- the size of the scar on a dead woman? He's a practical man, and his priorities were for his ability to see and assess everything easily and completely. My doctor told me that once as he trained under Dr. Boice he was operating through an opening that his mentor thought to be inadequate, and he physically moved him out of the way in order to make the incision three times the size that it had been. Then Dr. Boice told my doctor and friend, "There, now you can see what you're doing!" And so Sarah's incision was huge, and as it healed, of course, so was the scar. Dr. Boice apologized profusely, and Sarah graciously accepted. But it bothered her a bit. We discussed it. We are modest dressers, and there was only one person who would ever see that scar, besides her doctors and me, and that would be her husband, if God chose to send her one. Sarah is such a beautiful young woman (even though she doesn't seem to realize it, and that is part of her beauty), but she worried what some man someday might think of that huge ugly scar. I told her that when he knew the story of it, he would find it not ugly at all, but beautiful, because of what it represents. I can tell you that Brian cherishes that scar with all of his heart and being. He has such a tender heart, and so sweet and child-like is his relationship with the Lord. I couldn't ask for a better or sweeter husband for my girl, and I know that she is cherished and adored and protected, and will be for as long as he lives. I couldn't have given her away to anyone else, and that is for sure. But I so easily and freely gave her to him. But Brian sees that scar very differently than Sarah and I see it. He sees it lovingly, as his treasure. It's his reminder every day that God saved Sarah's life for him. He so desperately needed her, and they are so perfectly one as they serve the Lord together. Isn't it amazing, how God works?

Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

I will not be posting to the website next week while I am out of the country, but I will return, Lord willing, with lots to share. I appreciate your prayer. :)

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