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Like Two Peas...

Sarah is visiting and I am far behind in my writing. It's not like I don't have anything to say. My brain is full and I have little notes written everywhere. Several are on my desk; many more in my Bible. So many that when I sit in church, they fall out, one after another. Sarah says I need netting under me. :) So this will be short! When she is visiting, I am out of my routine. I want to be doing what she is doing. Or at least looking at her while she's doing what she is doing. I miss her so much when she is so far from me. Talking on the phone is not the same. People say we are very much alike. We can't disagree. She is mini-me. Bless her heart. We even look a good bit alike. Brian jokes that he already knows what his wife will look like as she ages. But he married her anyway. Ha! The Bible says that many waters cannot quench love. That is the truth. Sarah and I spend a lot of time laughing when we are together. A lot of time crying, too. But more laughing. And lots and lots of talking. We understand each other. That is, until we have an exchange like the one like I'm going to tell you about. Sarah thanked me for letting her do a load of laundry. What? I looked at her mean. "Why would you thank me for such a thing?", I asked. I honestly found that annoying. (I might add here that in addition to the normal irritant of her thanking me for such a thing is the knowledge that she and Brian GAVE me the washer and dryer in the first place when he was transferred out west. Nice, big, modern stainless front-loaders.) But I gave her a look for thanking me for such a ridiculous thing. To which she replied, "Mom, you just thanked me for letting you use your own bedroom and bathroom." (I had just gotten dressed in there. But the entire ensuite is hers when she visits.) I had just taken in a huge mouthful of iced tea. I tried to swallow it, I really did. But I knew I would choke, I was laughing so hard. So I spit the tea into the sink. I know. Gross! Oh my word! We really are just alike. If we are this annoying to each other, I shudder to imagine what others must think of us! Poor Brian. Woe is us! :)

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