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Christmas At Our House

I am enjoying a much needed Christmas break. My school kids are celebrating with their families, and I am joyously with mine. Sarah has come to be with us, of course. She flew in from California more than a week ago. Her husband, Brian, was to join us on Christmas Eve. But snow covered the mountain that he must cross to get to the airport. It continued to fall and the wind blew. The road was closed and Brian was turned back, causing him to miss his flight. The Air Force base on which they live is three hours from their closest airport. That is if everything goes perfectly. It didn't. He had allowed five, but it wasn't enough. He missed his flight. Sadness. They rebooked Brian's flight for Christmas Day. This time he left so early that he slept most of the night in his truck at the airport. But he made his flight. And he was reunited with his bride and family before Christmas Day had ended. We were together and all was well. The Lord is so good to us. Thank you for your service and sacrifice, Brian. For those of you who may be just now jumping in, he serves proudly as lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. He has spent his life serving his country, and he couldn't be more my son if I had given birth to him. I love him so much. Okay, just for the record, I am the age of Brian's older brother. :) I guess that it goes without saying that we didn't celebrate Christmas on the traditional day this year. That's not unusual for us. The ministry is demanding and unpredictable and we have often found ourselves celebrating holidays and birthdays on different days. As a matter of fact, tonight is our New Year's Eve. People who are dear to us will join us as we share our traditional seafood feast. There will be snow crab legs, Maryland-style streamed shrimp, fried coconut shrimp, and my own handmade crab cakes. We will spend the afternoon preparing all of our family favorite side dishes, and tonight we will feast and fellowship well into the night. You can count on the fact that there will be so much laughter that we will have to settle down so as to not feel ill with our overfilled bellies. And all of the while our beautifully wrapped gifts will sit untouched under the tree. Perhaps tomorrow will be our Christmas. :) Thanks for all of the love and sweet messages. I thought I'd better take a few minutes to touch base. Life is good, we are well, and the Lord is sweet and good. His promises still hold true. We are blessed beyond measure. Much love to you all!

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